Last Update:: 25.03.2006


The key objective in planning the scientific programme was to ensure that the event would achieve the highest levels of scientific interest and topicality. Hence, the programme combines plenary session lectures, symposium sessions, as well as poster session.
It would give a comprehensive overview of the most recent development in field of acetic acid bacteria and vinegar production and would surely stimulate fruitful discussions between attendees.
One of the purposes of the meeting is also to create an international network for all the laboratories working in this field.

Symposium themes include:


Contribution of Vinegar to human culture


  Vinegars of the world

Vinegars from seeds and cereals

Vinegar from grape and wine

Vinegar from fruits

Special Vinegars


Vinegar and technology


  Vinegar and microbiology

Acetic acid bacteria - taxonomy and molecular biology

Acetic acid bacteria - ecology


Acetic acid bacteria in related technologies

Acetic acid bacteria and wine

Acetic acid bacteria and food and beverage spoilage


Vinegar, acetic acid bacteria and health

Vinegar and medicine

Acetic acid as preservative


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