Last Update:: 25.03.2006


Authors who wish to give an oral presentation or to prepare a poster must submit the abstracts in English by 15 February 2005. From the abstracts received, the Scientific Committee will select scientifically suitable to be presented as lectures in sessions. Other abstracts will be evaluated for poster presentation. When you are sending your contribution, please respect detailed instructions for abstracts and model abstract linked below. All contributors will be notified by letter of acceptance (e-mail) for oral presentation or poster not later than 04 March 2005. Abstracts should be electronically submitted, as the "contribution sample" sent to Scientific Committee e-mail:

Abstract content: a brief summary of about 150-200 words, should give the major findings of the investigation under the following headings: Aims; Methods and Results; Conclusion; Significance and Impact of Study. A list of five Keywords should be added.


  • Abstract must be written in English.
  • Use the A4 format with margins- 2,5 cm , except left- 3,5cm, Times New Roman font 10 point and single space.
  • Type the title of the abstract in capitals in upper case, followed by the authors' names and addresses on a separate line.
  • Leave one line before typing the body of the text.
  • All the text of the abstract should be justified.
  • Do not indent paragraphs.
  • Do not include figures, photographs, tables.
  • Key words: not more then five.
  • Do not use abbreviations with the exception of those standard for international usage. Authors should note that the abstracts will be reproduced in the form which they are submitted. Therefore, authors must take responsibility for any typographical or factual errors.
  • Where there is more than one author, the name of the person giving the presentation should be underlined.
  • Abstracts not complying with the above rules or which are unsuitable for reproduction may not be accepted or publication.
  • Abstracts should be received by February 15, 2005.
  • Poster dimensions: length 120 cm; width 75 cm.

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