Last Update:: 25.03.2006
Reggio Emilia 5 July 2005
Dear Participants,



first of all I thank you very much because your participation make the last symposium on acetic acid bacteria and vinegars successful and productive for all of us. But I'm sure that the next one, that will be held in Japan, It will be better. The Japanese Colleagues and in particular Professor Kazunobu Matsushita will be in charge of the organisation.


As announced during the closing section of the last symposium we are working on the "acetic acid bacteria society". In particular we are setting up the by-low and some other practical aspect. I hope we will be ready in a short time. At the moment we have in pectore position: President (me), Vice-President (Kazunobu Matsushita) and Secretary (Francisco Barja). We need all your sympathy and comprehension.


Maria Gullo and me are working on the web page and some news will be on it. Please check it periodically. Today the complete set of the symposium photos are available on the web.


My best regards

Paolo Giudici


Department of Agricultural Science - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
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